How To Sell Privately To Us

Sell Us Your Old Banknotes

Our number one goal is to buy the best banknotes available on the market.  We know that in order to buy your single banknote or entire collection that we will have to pay more than anyone else.  We aren’t just trying to pay $1 more than the next closest person.  We want to buy your collection so that you are happy to sell it!

3 Ways To Get Our Offer:

Option 1 – Email:  Just send us an email with pictures of what you are looking to sell.  You can email to  Once we get the pictures then we can tell you what we can offer.  It is as easy as that.

Option 2 – Text:  You can text us pictures at 646-398-2922

Option 3 – Set An Appointment:  We are located in the New York City area, but we are frequently traveling and have contacts all over the country.  Even if you aren’t local to us, we can still set up an appointment to view your collection.

“But I’m Not Local, How Do I Get Paid?”

If you agree to our offered price then we can pay you via paypal, check, bank wire, or bank deposit.  Once you are happy funds have cleared then you mail the money to us fully insured via USPS registered mail.  Yes, you get paid before you ship.