How To Get A Formal Appraisal

**Please keep in mind that on a daily basis we give out dozens of free value opinions.  That would just be you showing us a picture of what you have and we either make an offer or we let you know what we think it would sell for at one of our auctions.  All of that information is freely given.

Occasionally though we run into situations where someone needs a formal appraisal either for insurance settlement purposes, to settle an estate, or for legal proceedings.  In a situation like that we do charge a fee for our appraisal.**


1)  Contact us to make sure we have availability and to get a cost estimate.
2)  Let us know if you need a replacement cost or fair market value appraisal.
3)  Allow us about ten days (or less) to complete the process.
4)  You will get a fully ISA compliant appraisal that is accepted by the IRS.

Email us to start the process:  or call 646-398-2922